Susanne Kennedy has guided A+ Academic Coaching into broadening our scope of what marketing and networking encompasses. She has helped us create our Mission and Vision Statements and encouraged us to rejoin BNI. As we continue to expand our business, Susanne has raised our consciousness about the type of connections and introductions we are seeking. In the time we have partnered with Susanne, our referrals in Santa Fe have increased significantly. We have also gained a foothold in Los Alamos.
Thank you, Susanne.
Mark Ayers

Director, A+ Academic Coaching

I started a new business about two-and-a-half years ago and it is difficult for me to get out and market, doing marketing and sales with people because this is not the way this business grows. Because the nature of it is that people come and go. And, I had never done that before. I’ve had a retail shop for about 30 years, but this is very different going into it. So I needed some guidance on that and some inspiration. She’s been inspirational. She has lots of different ideas. Things I never thought about, different approaches. She is like one of the smartest, brightest people that I have ever met. She actually takes a lot of interest in my business, and not just the marketing part. She knows all the different departments, she knows how the whole thing works so that she can come up with even more ideas for me about who I should go see, about what I should say to them. I have so many things to say about Susanne because I think she is over-the-top really wonderful. She has a great sense of humor. We have a great time. I really look forward to our hour once a week. She comes prepared. She knows more than I do about what we did in the last meeting. She takes notes and makes sure I’m following up with people. And she brings in new ideas and new ways. And I think “oh, we’re not going to have anything to talk about” and the hour just totally flies by.
Leslie VanPelt

Owner, Comfort Keepers

I would absolutely recommend Susanne to any business owner, even employees, anyone that’s in sales. She’ll be very good. Susanne is great to talk about business in any aspect, whether training, just a question or a thought. She can help make sense of it.
Christy Martinez

Financial Guide, National Agents Alliance

Workshops & Classes

I have more awareness of whenever I’m passing along a referral or whether I’m receiving a referral or qualifying a referral using her program. Susanne is a true professional and I think she has found what she’s passionate about. She delivers a very clear, strong message and people who take her classes, are going to receive a great deal of wealth in information and in skills that they can use. I respect Susanne; she’s just fantastic and she’s just a great teacher and speaker.
Annette Alvarez

Senior Loan Officer, First Mortgage

I enjoyed both of her classes. And, first of all, Susanne is an excellent educator, so she made it a wonderful learning environment and taught me things that I needed to know to get better at my job. She’s absolutely a professional in what she does. And that’s what I enjoyed about it. Because too often you’ll go to a course, you’ll pay for the course, and you’ll get there and you don’t learn anything. I always learn in the classes that Susanne teaches. Both classes I attended I learned something. That, to me, is the hallmark of a great class.
Peter Murphy

Certified Financial Planner, American Prosperity Group

All of the courses that she teaches are excellent. Susanne is one of the best instructors I’ve ever had. Not only is her presentation professional, she also has a good sense of humor which she injects into all her classes. I would highly recommend Susanne and any of the courses that she offers to anyone who wants to improve their networking and their networking through referrals.
Jane Phillips

President, Geyser Energy Clearing Services


I have had the pleasure of being in several audiences when Susanne Kennedy was the featured speaker. I am consistently captivated by Susanne – her artful way of actively engaging audiences, her succinctly presented and logically organized content, and her inviting, calm, and pleasant demeanor. I recommend Susanne without hesitation knowing that when she is the presenter you will gain relevant knowledge, receive practical application guidance, AND have a good time doing it.
Andrea Sassa Archuleta

Reverend, Awakening Joy Ministries, LLC

I’ve had several occasions to hear Susanne Kennedy speak publicly. Regardless of the subject, she has a command of it and delivers information in a clear and concise way while she engages her audience through asking them to participate. For me, this makes her talks valuable. I find it enjoyable to listen to her voice. I always leave a talk, speech, training session presented by her with helpful tidbits for myself as well as to share with others.
Kathy White

Access Consciousness Certified Bars Facilitator, BEnergy

Susanne is a gifted speaker and referral marketing expert. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing her speak several times, and she always offers practical advice for business owners on how to get more referrals. She keeps her audience engaged, evoking their participation by asking questions and having them go through various enlightening exercises. I highly recommend Susanne as a guest speaker at any gathering of business owners or networkers.
Jeff Braucher

Copy Editor and Proofreader, The Santa Fe Word Doctor

Susanne is an excellent speaker on networking, providing effective tools with easy implementation. Her presentation helped make networking much easier, encouraging you to simply be yourself and focused in your selection of networking opportunities. Her expertise is very much appreciated.
Jill Avey

Owner/Consultant, Southwestern HR Consulting