Take a Closer Look

While 98% of all business owners say they depend on referrals, only 3% of business owners create a plan for getting them. These numbers show the margin of better business you can have  by taking a closer look.

You Are Unique

I honor your unique style. You can communicate your service, product, and cause when you appreciate and understand other styles and behaviors. A plan and structure will be more effective than guessing.

Do you like cold calls?

You are not alone. Most people do not like making or receiving cold calls. Having a system to build and nurture business relationships can provide the stream of  business you desire. Systems are measurable, just like your bottom line.

Supporting your growth

Are there areas you want to grow in yourself and your business? I can help you. You don’t have to do everything alone. I will be your ally in growing what’s new.


Is it time to remove the obstacles inhibiting your success? Would you prefer a more personalized experience? Susanne will work with you to increase your business networking success. If you are passionate about your business but not passionate about marketing yourself, Susanne can help you increase your networking skills.


Susanne will create custom workshops for your organization to help salespeople and marketing professionals have more success in their business networking. She also offers basic networking skills workshops that can be delivered in person or by webinar.


Is your company or organization looking for a dynamic speaker specializing in business networking and referral generation? Are you looking for proven tactics from an expert in the networking skills field? Susanne has created valuable presentations for networking groups, professional organizations, service organizations, women’s organizations and more general audiences.

Let’s connect today.

I look forward to hearing from you. Let me help you get the results you deserve and still honor who you are. I understand. I am an introvert and I have had to learn to get the job done while still taking care of myself.